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GAIN integrates nutrition, occupational therapy, acupuncture & oriental medicine. The program addresses physical, cognitive and psychosocial impairments.



Occupational therapy successfully provides quantifiable rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury patients. A well-respected treatment approach for the elderly, mentally ill, and disabled, occupational therapy can help those struggling with brain injuries to regain the normal rhythms of their pre-injury lives by re-educating them to carry out routine activities. Occupational therapy is a discipline dedicated to promoting health and rehabilitation through the performance of activities.

Brain/spinal cord injuries and their long-term consequences are often unpredictable and difficult to manage. The occupational therapist takes the time to evaluate each case on an individual basis and greatly increases the probability of a positive outcome by focusing on the patient, the action plan, and the revision of the plan for improved results.  The ideal occupational therapy program is one in which an involved patient is dedicated to reaching self-defined goals.



Nutrition is the process in which growth, repair, and maintenance of the body are accomplished by consuming and utilizing food substances. A proper diet must be ingested to ensure the right amount of nutrition is delivered to sustain appropriate physiological mechanisms. Knowledge of the basic constituent of dietary intake is essential for several of health related variables. Poor diet negatively affects overall health

Nutritional management of patients with brain and spinal cord injuries in conjunction with therapies has a promising and positive effect in factors such as mobilization, exercises, closure of pressure sores, and overall improvements of health and nutritional status.



Many patients are discouraged by the slow progress they make following standard rehabilitation programs. Many clinical studies support that the addition of scalp and body acupuncture to such programs has been demonstrated to accelerate patients’ progress and improved ther conditions. There is evidence that use of acupuncture may significantly improve long-term neurologic recovery including motor, sensory and bowel/bladder function, controlling spasticity and spasms, relieving pain, improving cognition & memory, and maintaining better overall health.  Better health means more energy, stronger immunity, less muscle atrophy and a more motivated and positive outlook.

The GAIN program is a multidisciplinary initiative to maximize the health, well-being, participation, & quality of life of all individuals and families living with spinal cord and brain injury.  

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